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#shotsfromthebug takes to the streets!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Pictures and stories from the seat of the 1971 VW beetle Convertible as Huck Johns presents his daily roll.

The scooter age- Santa Monica Nov 2019. Nikon Z-Z30/70 lens

“Lets take a ride”

"lets take a ride." That what my Pa used to say . Some guys like to golf, some like to ride their bike, I see joggers everywhere, even dudes on their way to play handball. Me? I like to "take a ride" in my 71 beetle and shoot the greatness I witness as it happens.

Its an amazing place Los Angeles. Lots to see and do.

Now saturated development, housing shortages high prices, tourism and homelessness along with a new progressive aged political view the city and its surrounding areas have become a game of survival and wealth. Its always had its finger on the pulse of entertainment, hell I guess it is the pulse of entertainment. Once you look behind the curtain the glitz and glam that is so prominently featured on your media getter you come to realize that the place is really a carnival. Amazing and strange awful and spectacular wonderful and tragic all at once.

Here I plan to showcase the carnival.


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